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Ini cara Sule luluhkan hati cewek, kalau kalian gmn? #candaempire #shorts
Ayuk belajar, ini salah satu ciptaan Allah #shorts #omarandhana
Tatap mata saya… #shorts #smurf

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RTV - description, review, rating

RTV is a national television station that prioritizes education and entertainment in each of its programs. Apart from being able to be watched free to air, RTV can also be watched via subscription tv and live streaming. RTV currently has the widest network, with coverage areas reaching 42 cities in Indonesia.
Since 2019, RTV's programs have mostly consisted of animation. However, RTV is not part of the children's interest channel.
The aforementioned animated programs are aired from 12 to 16 hours on weekdays, consisting of children's animated series from morning to afternoon, and anime/tokusatsu series in the evening. RTV also has a time slot known as Zona Ceria; it has now been split into Sinema Ceria, Sinema Keluarga, Mega Hero, Super Anime and Super Girly.
RTV has a news program called Lensa Indonesia which airs in the morning, afternoon, evening and midnight. RTV airs a crime news program called CSI: Notes on Investigations, Turn Back Crime, and 10-2: See, Report, Track. During the 2014 and 2015 elections, RTV also aired Indonesia Determines.
On 27 September 2020, Lensa Indonesia Sore ended due to the inclusion of children's programs; and was replaced by an expanded Lensa Indonesia Update short news slot.

RTV online - Television live

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