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TV channel: Channel 12 Omsk
Channel 12 Omsk
Country:  Russia
Category: Local TV
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«Час новостей». Итоговый выпуск (30.06.22)
«Управдом» (30.06.22)
Омск: Час новостей от 30 июня 2022 года (17:00). Новости
Омск: Час новостей от 30 июня 2022 года (14:00). Новости

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Channel 12 Omsk - description, review, rating

OMSK state TV and radio company, a regional TV company. Channel 12 broadcasts its own news, Analytics, authoring, thematic, and entertainment programs covering the region's politics, economy, culture, education, sports, industry, and agriculture. Feature films, documentaries, TV series and cartoons are also available on the radio network.
Channel 12 is the only regional TV company that provides its own round-the-clock broadcast in almost all localities of the Omsk region. On the morning of November 5, channel 12 was added to the OTR channel transmission network. From now on, news and thematic programs of our TV company are transmitted by satellite. Governor Alexander Burkov visited the Studio of the regional TV channel, where he started a new "digital" season.
In August 2017, the Omsk edition of the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper joined the media holding, with which the regional TV and radio company was renamed Omsk Media, a brand that still exists today.
On November 5, 2019, channel twelve was the first of the country's 85 regional TV companies to begin digital broadcasting on OTR. Governor Alexander Burkov visited the regional Studio of the TV channel, where he started a new "digital" season. Own production programs are now available on "button" 9 every day from 6 to 9 am and from 17 to 19 PM. An important point is that the usual types of transmission (cable, satellite, analog) are preserved. Watch TV online now for free all channels.

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