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TV channel: Top Channel
Top Channel
Country:  Albania
Category: General
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Top Channel/ Lajçak: Situatë e re në procesin e bisedimeve Kosovë – Serbi
Top Channel/ Qeveria e Abazoviç në rrezik. Marrëveshja me kishën ortodokse serbe e fut në telashe
‘Ta bëjmë gruan tornitore’, plas debati në studio: Pse s’mund të punojë një grua që rrit fëmijë?!
Top Story/ Pro jetës apo pro zgjedhjes? Debati për abortin: ‘Fëmija nuk është pronë!’

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Top Channel - description, review, rating

Top Channel is an independent national television, whose signal extends throughout the country. Top Channel is present with its signal throughout Europe, through the Digitalb platform as well as in North America through 2 platforms IPTV, TVALB and Shqip TV.

Top Channel was founded by the late President of Top Media, Mr. Dritan Hoxha on July 30, 2001, having from the beginning, a clear objective, to be the television of all Albanians through the triangle: information, entertainment, education. A goal that Top Channel has tried to achieve day after day, with professionalism and quality, which has made television considered by everyone already as the largest, most important and most followed media in the country and in the Albanian space. Given the high quality of informative, entertaining and educational programs, very soon from the date of its creation Top Channel won the battle with the competition by absorbing the Albanian audience.

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