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tvOneNews - description, review, rating

tvOne is a national television station in Indonesia. Originally named Lativi, the station was established on 30 July 2002 by Abdul Latief and is owned by ALatief Corporation. At that time, the concept of its programming was to highlight many issues that smelled of clergy, eroticism, crime news and some other light entertainment. Since 2006, it has also been partially owned by the Bakrie Group which also owns the television station ANTV.
tvOne progressively inspires Indonesians aged 15 years and above to be forward-thinking and make improvements for themselves and the surrounding community through its various National and International News and Sports programmes. Classifying its programmes in the categories, NEWS, Current Affairs and SPORTS, tvOne proves its seriousness in implementing this strategy by presenting innovative formats in terms of news and programme presentation.
At the beginning of its establishment year, tvOne had the Tag Line "MEMANG BEDA", because it presents various information needed by the community with a different and unprecedented presentation such as Apa Kabar Indonesia, which is an information programme in the form of light discussions with the hottest topics with resource persons and the community, broadcast live in the morning from tvOne's outside studio. tvOne's hardnews news programme is packaged under the title: Latest News, Morning News, Market News, Afternoon News, Evening News and Evening News. Different packaging is also presented by Kabar Petang.

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