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Ahsan TV
Country:  Indonesia
Category: Religious
2.9 from 5
12 vote(s)
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Kitabul Ilmi (Ep.16): Adab-Adab Menuntut Ilmu (Bag 10) | Ustadz Hisyam Bukkar, S.Pd.I.
Ahsan TV - description, review, rating

Ahsan TV is a private Islamic television channel of Indonesia, It broadcast their live transmission 24 hours 7 days a week, It provides Islamic programs. The main goal of the channel is to provide real information and entertainment. It broadcasts and operated from its head office located in Jakarta, Owned by Ahlus Sunnah. It was launched in 2010.
Ahsan TV broadcasts all types of Islam-related content. It first came into being in 2010. The channel is basically originated from Indonesia. It is a vast country with multiple religions are residing in it. And the most important one is Islam. In addition to that, the country represents itself as a Muslim country as well. Ahsan TV on-airs multiple Islamic programs and is consecutive in its programming schedules.
On the religious events, the television is most active and continuously broadcasts the latest happening in the city and region as well. The channel is also a source of entertainment for the people of the local community. Ahsan TV knows how to keep its audience entertain and tries its very best to bring out the best shows possible.

Ahsan TV online - Television live

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