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Krym 24
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The round-the-clock information and analytical TV channel of the Crimea! "Krym 24" - is the second TV channel of the Krym TV and Radio Company and the first Crimean TV channel that started satellite broadcasting outside the peninsula.
Krym 24 is a regional information and analytical channel that broadcasts not only on the peninsula, but also outside the peninsula. The channel broadcasts news, discussion and analytical programs of its own production, documentaries and serials.
In the morning, watch live news from Simferopol, Russia and around the world on Krym 24. Also, you can watch documentary film screenings and other informative programs. During the day, watch analytical programs about the economy, politics, culture and sports. In addition to the informational content, entertainment shows and fascinating interviews are waiting for you. In the evening online broadcast channel watch newscasts from Kerch and Yevpatoria. Before going to bed, relax while watching entertaining movies.
2019 is developing a network of branches, full-fledged editorial offices, with their own studios and equipment, the broadcast network in the cable local regional networks and as part of the individual news broadcasts on the air of the TV channel "Crimea 24". Yevpatoriya 24 was the first to start broadcasting in the "Krym 24" TV channel's network - on June 11. Next is "Kerch 24" - August 12. The structural units are aimed at covering current news of the western and eastern regions. On January 15, 2020 was launched channel "Yalta 24" and the news of the Southern coast of Crimea - in separate newscasts. Already in the fall on October 1, 2020 the branch in Feodosia - "East Crimea 24" will start broadcasting. In 2021 the development of the editorial network is completed with the appearance of structural divisions on January 18 in Krasnoperekopsk - "North Crimea 24" and on March 16 in Sevastopol - "Legendary 24".

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