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Sfera TV
Country:  Ukraine
Category: Local TV
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Sfera TV - description, review, rating

Sfera-TV is a TV, information, cultural, artistic and entertainment channel, which always has content for viewers of all ages and temperaments. The main emphasis in the broadcast of the TV channel is made on information programs - "News. Rivne "," News. Ukraine ", which allow to objectively, impartially and timely convey information to the audience about local, regional and national events. Topical issues with competent people are discussed in the programs "Guest in the studio", "Rivne kulturne", "Budni ACMH". The TV program "Art-community" knows everything about the cultural "highlights" of the territorial communities of the region, the project "Give a paw" - about the preferences and characters of pets, and "Men's Standard" attracts lovers of fishing, fishing and good mood. The commercial project "Theme of the day" shows the benefits of goods and services of local entrepreneurs. And the creative team of the TV company is always ready to experiment, implement and generate ideas.
News of Rivne region through the eyes of our reporters. Creative, new, interesting… Channel, which can be said in one word - "Sphere-TV". He appeared in the TV space of Rivne not by chance. Since the establishment of the TV company (2008), its staff has been repeatedly awarded honors, diplomas, certificates from local governments, law enforcement agencies, NGOs, fellow journalists, the primary journalistic organization of the National Union of Journalists. But the main thing is the recognition and love of the spectators of Rivne. Their attention to what and how is happening on the air of the TV and radio company, their enthusiasm, thoughts inspire the creative team "Sphere-TV" encourage them to explore "new lands".

Sfera TV online - Television live

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